Fourth Arkansas Infantry

The Boys from County Hell

 Welcome to the official Fourth Arkansas website. We are a group of Civil War reenactors from Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska. We portray the confederate soldier during the Civil War. We strive to present an authentic representation through living histrories, camplife and battles. We attempt to educate the public on facts about the Civil War and the lives of soldiers.

  We are Company F, Fourth Arkansas Infantry, the Montgomery County Hunters.  We wanted to establish a new unit that would appear more authentic in drill, camplife and on the field. With a mix of people who have been reenacting for several years each and new recruits, we are attempting to do this. Started in 2006 with a small base, we have added new members every year. As we continue to grow, we will be a unit that others will look at with confidence, knowing that we have what it takes.

The 4th Arkansas is only an historical reenacting group and as such we profess no political, religious, or cultural affiliations whatsoever.


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